A brief history of Treffos

In 1982 after ten years teaching English and Drama in comprehensive schools, Joyce Humphreys gave up her post and decided to open Treffos- a small independent school on Anglesey.

Six years later Stuart Humphreys gave up his post at the University of Bangor and joined her. Why did we give up secure careers? Because we believed we could run a really good school, free from the dictats of central government which dissipate the energies of teachers through endless minister-inspired initiatives. We believed that there were sufficient parents on Anglesey who would wish to support such a project. Thirty two years later, having educated many pupils, it’s no longer a belief but a reality.

The school started with nine pupils and as the numbers slowly increased more of the farm buildings were converted into classrooms. Woodland areas were cleared for play equipment, a paddock for sports and a hard surface for play, football and hockey. Parents with pre-school children asked us to consider opening a nursery and in 1993 we opened Treffos Cottage Nursery providing all the year round care from 8.00am to 6.00pm. Recently the demand for nursery places increased and all the year round nursery/Kindergarten provision for children from 6 months to rising five was introduced. The school continues to evolve as it works in partnership with parents to meet the needs of children and the requirements of households in which both parents are working is increasingly the norm.

The school is entirely financed from school fees and receives no support from any other organisation. The school has a Christian ethos but also provides opportunities to study other world religions. Its only affiliation is to WISC (Welsh Independent Schools Council) which seeks to represent our views to Estyn(the school inspection service) and WAG (Welsh Assembly Government)

When Stuart and I met, we began an endless discussion about the importance of education and the crucial impact schools have on shaping the life chances of children.
— Joyce Humphreys . Headmistress